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The ES12 is a portable launch monitor that provides for an enjoyable and informative golf experience. Combined with the Ernest Sports smartphone app, the ES12 is great for golfers of all levels of expertise. From junior golfers to professional golfers, this system incorporates technique with enjoyment, bringing new life to your golf game.


            ES12 Quick Start Guide                 ES12 User Manual





Once club selection has been made, fully extend

the kickstand out of the back of the ES12 and place

the device 12-14 inches beside your ball and 12-14

inches downrange of your ball (see illustration to right).



Position the ES12 on the ground with the front of the device facing

the direction you will be hitting the ball.


Quick Tip: Balls not hit cleanly may not be read properly by the device,

particularly if a substantial amount of debris from the ground passes

into the doppler field.


Quick Tip: When hitting wedges, due to the degree of ball flight, the

ES12 may need to be placed only 3-6 inches downrange from your

ball placement (as opposed to typical 12-14 inches).





Programming Your ES12 Device With your device powered off, press and hold the “Club” button, then press the “Power” button. This will power on your ES12 device in programming mode. The first section of the programming mode is altitude (ALT). Press the “Club” button until you get to your closest altitude. The following chart shows the altitude notations:




















Press the “Power” button to go the next section. The second section of the programing mode specifies whether measurements will be displayed in imperial units (YRD for yards and mph) or metric (MTR for meters and kph).


Pressing the “Club button will change the ES12 between imperial and metric measurements.

Press the “Power” button to go to the next section. The third section of the programming mode is your distance calculations.

Press the “Club” button to choose either CAR (carry distance) or TOT* (total distance). After you have chosen your desired distance calculations, press the “Power” button to go to the next section. *Total distance includes 6 Iron through Driver. The next notation is the PRG (Paring) mode. Pressing the “Club” button will give you the RST (reset) option.

WARNING:Pressing the “Club” button again, will delete any pairing from the ES12. If you delete the ES12 pairings, you will need to delete the corresponding pairings in your Apple or Android device in order to pair again with the ES12.

The next notation is the software revision (REV). Press the "Club" or "Power" button and your device’s revision number will appear for two seconds. Your ES12 will then automatically exit the programming mode and you’re ready for your practice session.







Initial pairing (and after pairing reset) MUST be completed from your Apple Bluetooth settings. On your Apple device, go to “Settings” > “General” > Bluetooth”. Turn the Bluetooth ON. Scan for devices. When found, connect to the ES12. For future connections, press and hold the club button on the ES12; “PRG” will blink, once blinking ends, your ES12 should be connected to your Apple device.



Quick Tips:


If the ES12 is not listed as an option in the smartphone’s Bluetooth setting, try these steps:

Ensure that the ES12 is powered on

Ensure the ES12 is within a few feet of the device with which it is attempting to pair

If ES12 is still not detected, power off your smartphone or tablet and power back on





Very Important: In order to pair the Android device properly, enter the programming mode on the ES12 and press the power button several times until you reach the “PRG” (pairing) mode. Now you will need to pair from the Android device. The easiest way is from the app, choose “Settings” > “Setup Bluetooth” which takes you to the Android’s “Bluetooth Setting” page. Be sure the Android’s Bluetooth is set “ON”. If the ES12 shows “Paired” already, then delete (unpair) the current ES12. Now scan for devices. From here, you will pair with the ES12 (the ES12 will not show the 6-digit pairing number). After pairing, your Android device will show “Paired” or “Paired but not connected”. Now exit the programming mode by pressing the power key several times until the ES12 shows the club. Once paired, your Android device will connect to the ES12 as needed unless you reset the pairing on the ES12 or unpair the Android device







A. LCD Display


B. Kickstand


C. Power Button


D. Club Selection Button


E. Blue Protective Boot


Press the Power button. The LCD readout located at the top

of the ES12 will reflect current club choice.


Note: After 8 minutes of idle time, the ES12 will automatically

power off.













To choose a club, press the Club Selection button on the ES12. The club selection will be displayed on the LCD panel at the top of the ES12 device. Continue to press the Club Selection button until the desired club is shown on the LCD panel. Club selection will automatically be updated on the smartphone app through Bluetooth.


Quick Tip: Failing to select the proper club on the ES12 device will result in inaccurate readings and will also not store your club averages properly in the historical data. Remember to change the setting each time you change clubs!





DrT Driver Total

3Wd 3 Wood

5Wd 5 Wood

HYB Hybrid

2Ir 2 Iron

3Ir 3 Iron

4Ir 4 Iron

5Ir 5 Iron

6Ir 6 Iron

7Ir 7 Iron

8Ir 8 Iron

9Ir 9 Iron

PW Pitching Wedge

GW Gap Wedge

SW Sand Wedge

LW Lob Wedge









Remove the blue protective boot by placing your thumbs at the top corners with the device facing towards you.

Using one thumb on each corner, remove the cover by gently rolling the cover off the top corners

Once cover is off, remove the battery panel on the back of the unit.

Unsnap existing battery and snap in new battery following the indicators as marked.

Replace the battery panel and blue protective boot, making sure the front panel is visible and the LCD screen if facing upwards.

Quick Tip: Using the ES12 with a weak battery may result in inaccurate readings




The ES12 is warranted for three months against any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship and for all parts and labor. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of this product. Warranty work may be completed only by Ernest Sports. If the returned device is not found to be defective, no warranty work will be performed. This warranty does not cover damage that is the result of modification of the product, misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence, vandalism, accident, or abnormal conditions including but not limited to war, flood, fire, wind, or damage caused by occurrences over which Ernest Sports has no control. Ernest Sports must verify the serial number issued to the device before warranty work or replacement of the defective device may be completed. Contact us for a Return Authorization number.

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