Technology and the Driving Range


Across the country, the ES15 Range is generating vast amounts of previously unrecognized revenue for golf domes, practice/teaching centers and public golf facilities. The addition of this launch monitor technology has created a resurgence in driving ranges that were losing significant business to Top Golf and other venues.

Today’s younger golfers are driven by immediate feedback and results. The ES15 Range satisfies this need by relaying instant, accurate feedback after each shot. Lock down a customer for the long haul by introducing technology that connects to their smart phone with the free Ernest Sports App. Priced very affordably, the ES15 Ranges are paying for themselves in as little as 5 weeks. With the introduction of the ES15 Range as a new revenue stream, golf facilities are being catapulted from certain death to instant revitalization.

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CONFIDENCE: the elusive intangible in golf


How do you get it? Where does it go? Why do some guys have it and some guys don’t?

If you are seeking to improve your game (or help others) you need confidence. Players need to be “ALL IN” when executing shots on the course, no doubts allowed.

The ES12 and ES14 are confidence pills in the form of data knowledge. Players and teachers can match sensations with data using these golf launch monitors AND, they don’t cost a lot!

When you know your game confidence is inevitable. What is your driver speed? Know your smash factor? How far do you carry your wedges? When you KNOW you play with confidence!

The ES12 is available for $199 and comes with a free app for your smartphone or tablet. With the ES12 you know ball speed and distance.

The ES14 is available for $499 and also comes with a free app for your smartphone or tablet. With the ES14 you know ball speed, distance, club speed, smash factor, spin rate and launch angle.

– Jim Arendt, PGA
Ernest Sports Sales Representative

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Deb Vangellow and the ES14 Pro


“The ES14 is PERFECT for me and my teaching programs! This easy-to-use personal launch monitor is a simple and outstanding addition to the short list of quality technology I use in my instruction and equipment evaluations. This unit tracks carry distance, launch angle, and smash factor, pairing seamlessly with my iPhone…so easy! Thank You Ernest Sports for this affordable, accurate, and fun to use product that is a definite “must-have” for teachers and golfers alike, especially for those of us who are #OldSchoolSimple!”
Deb Vangellow Golf
LPGA Master Professional
LPGA 2012 National Teacher Of The Year
LPGA T&CP National President
Riverbend CC/Houston, Texas

Thanks, Deb! Learn more about how the ES14 can assist your teaching here:


What is a launch monitor?

Launch monitors match sensations with facts,  allowing golfers to achieve their desired swing. This is done by delivering a variety of swing and ball flight data points.  This information allows golfers to truly know their game – from club averages to landing angles – and be better prepared to make decisions on the course. Ernest Sports uses the latest radar and photometric technology to instantly provide measurements that help you develop a powerful, consistent swing.  In addition, Ernest Sports launch monitors work in tandem with a free mobile app to record and save stats, view club averages and much more.  Committed to providing an affordable solution to capturing accurate data, Ernest Sports launch monitors deliver instant feedback to increase the efficiency of your practice session to improve your game.