Ernest Sports Product Review with Steve Hutton from Geneva Golf and Country Club


“I was introduced to Ernest Sports on a PGA Magazine Ambassador trip. They had recently introduced the ES12 Launch Monitor and it created a lot of buzz within the group of Ambassadors. As a PGA Professional that was not yet utilizing technology when teaching or fitting, this was interesting to me because it was easy to use and was very affordable to me as a rookie user. It did not take long for me to upgrade to the ES14 and the ES14 clubfitting app, which I use for teaching, clubfitting and for some fun with my staff during the winter months in Iowa.

The ES14 provides me all the information that I need to make sound decisions with my students . . . This unit is small and easily movable to any location where a ball can be hit! The ES14 and ES14 clubfitting app has help me to provide a service to my membership that makes us stand out from other courses in our area.”

Thanks, Steve! For more information on the ES12 Player or ES14 Pro, visit

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