Did you know about the ES14 Pro…


  • History – the ES14 Pro was developed with extensive collaboration and testing by some of the top industry leaders in golf coaching.

  • On-Unit Display – We inisisted on including a display on the unit for the user’s convenience. With the ES14 Pro, golfers can decide whether to use the on-unit display to quickly get a feel for their numbers or the free Ernest Sports app for in-depth analysis and data record.
  • Proven Technology – the ES14 Pro has a track record of THOUSANDS of satisfied customers.
  • Free App – unlike other launch monitor brands, Ernest Sports software is completely free.
  • Apple and Android capability – use the free Ernest Sports app on either platform.
  • Save and Store Data – the free ES14 app allows users to save data and send it via email.
  • Skills Challenge – hone in your numbers by participating in a skills challenge.
  • Battery Life – the ES14 uses a 9V battery meaning there is no need to keep up with charging the unit.
  • Audible feedback – hear your shot data through your smart device.

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