Did you know about the ES14 Pro…


  • History – the ES14 Pro was developed with extensive collaboration and testing by some of the top industry leaders in golf coaching.

  • On-Unit Display – We inisisted on including a display on the unit for the user’s convenience. With the ES14 Pro, golfers can decide whether to use the on-unit display to quickly get a feel for their numbers or the free Ernest Sports app for in-depth analysis and data record.
  • Proven Technology – the ES14 Pro has a track record of THOUSANDS of satisfied customers.
  • Free App – unlike other launch monitor brands, Ernest Sports software is completely free.
  • Apple and Android capability – use the free Ernest Sports app on either platform.
  • Save and Store Data – the free ES14 app allows users to save data and send it via email.
  • Skills Challenge – hone in your numbers by participating in a skills challenge.
  • Battery Life – the ES14 uses a 9V battery meaning there is no need to keep up with charging the unit.
  • Audible feedback – hear your shot data through your smart device.

What is measured and what is calculated?

When it comes to launch monitors, one of the primary questions is always “what is measured and what is calculated?”. One thing to keep in mind is that the terms “measured” and “calculated” are not as straight forward as they may at first appear.

For instance, when radar technology is “measuring” the speed of an object, what it is doing is interpreting how radar waves bounce off an object. In turn, a radar device does not provide an exact speed but rather collects a large amount of data frequencies which are analyzed to record a speed. Similarly, when cameras are “measuring” spin or direction, there are actually computer algorithms locating the ball, finding the object’s center and then calculating the distance it moved in three-dimensional space.

Just as measurements should not necessarily be accepted without some level of scrutiny, calculations should not be disregarded simply because they are given the label “calculation”. Smash factor is a great example of this. The data point is simply the ratio between club speed and ball speed – literally club speed divided by ball speed. By definition, smash factor is a calculation, but if a golfer feels confident in the club speed and ball speed that the launch monitor is using to calculate smash factor, the golfer should accept the smash factor calculation as accurate. These examples show that the terms “measured” and “calculated” should not be taken at face value but should be viewed with the same level of scrutiny.

With the ES16 Tour, we use Doppler radars to measure club speed and ball speed. This technology is widely used by the military, police, airports, etc. Since the technology is very widely used and accepted, it is generally considered a measurement.

The ES16 Tour measures spin, spin axis, launch direction, launch angle and angle of attack with cameras. The cameras take multiple images which are then interpreted using trigonometry to provide these data point measurements. Once again, trigonometry is a widely-accepted school of math used in architecture, art, astronomy, optics, navigation, etc., so it is considered a measurement.

When the ES16 Tour provides dynamic loft, spin loft, face angle, club path and face to path, they are calculations. These statistics are derived from measured data points (angle of attack, spin, spin axis, launch angle and launch direction), so we can rely on the accuracy of these calculated values.

Other companies claim to “measure” things that are, by definition, calculations; however, at Ernest Sports we believe in calling a calculation a calculation and reminding all golfers to be equally critical of measurements and calculations.  We have built our company around the belief that golfers deserve accurate data at an affordable price, and that is our continued commitment with the ES16 Tour.



Journey To Better Tournament: Pebble Beach

Ernest Sports recently had the opportunity to partner with Srixon/Cleveland/XXIO for the Journey to Better tournament at Pebble Beach. We enjoyed having the chance to provide demos of all of our products from the ES12 Player to the Turn Key Simulation Package. We also got the opportunity to meet with current and prospective customers in the Northern California area. Here is a recap of our trip.



The 5 Road Warriors met up here at the Ernest Sports HQ at noon on Saturday and headed to Hartsfield-Jackson to board our Delta flight to San Francisco.

We arrived ahead of schedule and made our way to get our rental cars… 2 hours later, the crew arrived safely in Carmel, California (I only noticed a couple extra gray hairs from that drive). We checked into the Lobos Lodge 2 blocks up from the beach. What a great little hotel. Everything you could imagine was a block away. We dined at a little Italian Place across the street just 2 tables away from Legendary Sportscaster Jim Nantz and family (no, We did not get any autographs).


Up early the next day and on to Pebble for breakfast and then to setup for the arrival of Cleveland /Srixon/XXIO Staff and Professionals.

As the attendees arrived, they were greeted and treated to some fine swag, appetizers, cocktails and the Ernest Sports ES16 Full simulator Par 3 contest. The 100 yard Par 3 7th hole at Pebble Beach served as the contest hole. Nearly 100 pros and guests stepped up with their chance at greatness.

Lisa Hall (wife of Martin Hall), multiple winner on Ladies European Tour and 1997 LPGA Rookie of the year hit one to 3 feet. That stood for most of the evening until Catta Verdera PGA Professional Robert Delgado stepped up and hit a wedge behind the pin and spun it back almost holing out for an Ace. The ball settled 2 feet from the Hole and The ES14 Launch Monitor was his.

The next couple days we spent on the range showcasing our line of launch monitors while Rob was relegated to playing Pebble and Spyglass… (poor guy).


Tuesday night came the crowning of the champions and the presentation of the ES16 Tour launch monitors. The 2016 Champions were KJ Lee and Kevin Won.  Congratulations guys from all of us here at Ernest Sports!


-Greg Lee, PGA Professional and Ernest Sports Sales Representative

For more information on Ernest Sports golf technology products, call 855-354-4653.

Interested in an Ernest Sports demo? We are hitting the road and would LOVE to meet you! We are attending the following events in the coming weeks:

  • Hotel Experience in New York City, NY (November 13-15)
  • PGA Magazine Insider Conference in Sunset, SC (November 13-15)

Please let us know if you will be in the area and would like to schedule a time for us to meet with you!

Ben Crane and the ES14 Pro


Anyone who has seen a Golf Boys video (check it out HERE for a good laugh) knows that Ben Crane likes to have fun! On the course, though, Ben takes golf seriously. He uses the ES14 Pro to keep his practice purposeful, and this attitude has helped him achieve 5 PGA Tour wins.

“The ES14 is my favorite launch monitor on the market. I enjoy using it on the practice range and on the golf course during the off season. The ES14 is easy to use, provides accurate data and helps me prepare to play against the best in the world.”

Thanks, Ben! For more information on the ES14 visit http://ernestsports.com/es14-pro.html

Ernest Sports Product Review with Steve Hutton from Geneva Golf and Country Club


“I was introduced to Ernest Sports on a PGA Magazine Ambassador trip. They had recently introduced the ES12 Launch Monitor and it created a lot of buzz within the group of Ambassadors. As a PGA Professional that was not yet utilizing technology when teaching or fitting, this was interesting to me because it was easy to use and was very affordable to me as a rookie user. It did not take long for me to upgrade to the ES14 and the ES14 clubfitting app, which I use for teaching, clubfitting and for some fun with my staff during the winter months in Iowa.

The ES14 provides me all the information that I need to make sound decisions with my students . . . This unit is small and easily movable to any location where a ball can be hit! The ES14 and ES14 clubfitting app has help me to provide a service to my membership that makes us stand out from other courses in our area.”

Thanks, Steve! For more information on the ES12 Player or ES14 Pro, visit http://ernestsports.com.

Technology and the Driving Range


Across the country, the ES15 Range is generating vast amounts of previously unrecognized revenue for golf domes, practice/teaching centers and public golf facilities. The addition of this launch monitor technology has created a resurgence in driving ranges that were losing significant business to Top Golf and other venues.

Today’s younger golfers are driven by immediate feedback and results. The ES15 Range satisfies this need by relaying instant, accurate feedback after each shot. Lock down a customer for the long haul by introducing technology that connects to their smart phone with the free Ernest Sports App. Priced very affordably, the ES15 Ranges are paying for themselves in as little as 5 weeks. With the introduction of the ES15 Range as a new revenue stream, golf facilities are being catapulted from certain death to instant revitalization.

Contact Ernest Sports to take advantage of the 2016 season ending special pricing!


CONFIDENCE: the elusive intangible in golf


How do you get it? Where does it go? Why do some guys have it and some guys don’t?

If you are seeking to improve your game (or help others) you need confidence. Players need to be “ALL IN” when executing shots on the course, no doubts allowed.

The ES12 and ES14 are confidence pills in the form of data knowledge. Players and teachers can match sensations with data using these golf launch monitors AND, they don’t cost a lot!

When you know your game confidence is inevitable. What is your driver speed? Know your smash factor? How far do you carry your wedges? When you KNOW you play with confidence!

The ES12 is available for $199 and comes with a free app for your smartphone or tablet. With the ES12 you know ball speed and distance.

The ES14 is available for $499 and also comes with a free app for your smartphone or tablet. With the ES14 you know ball speed, distance, club speed, smash factor, spin rate and launch angle.

– Jim Arendt, PGA
Ernest Sports Sales Representative

Contact Ernest Sports today for more information on the ES12 Player and ES14 Pro!


Deb Vangellow and the ES14 Pro


“The ES14 is PERFECT for me and my teaching programs! This easy-to-use personal launch monitor is a simple and outstanding addition to the short list of quality technology I use in my instruction and equipment evaluations. This unit tracks carry distance, launch angle, and smash factor, pairing seamlessly with my iPhone…so easy! Thank You Ernest Sports for this affordable, accurate, and fun to use product that is a definite “must-have” for teachers and golfers alike, especially for those of us who are #OldSchoolSimple!”
Deb Vangellow Golf
LPGA Master Professional
LPGA 2012 National Teacher Of The Year
LPGA T&CP National President
Riverbend CC/Houston, Texas

Thanks, Deb! Learn more about how the ES14 can assist your teaching here: http://ernestsports.com/es14-pro.html


What is a launch monitor?

Launch monitors match sensations with facts,  allowing golfers to achieve their desired swing. This is done by delivering a variety of swing and ball flight data points.  This information allows golfers to truly know their game – from club averages to landing angles – and be better prepared to make decisions on the course. Ernest Sports uses the latest radar and photometric technology to instantly provide measurements that help you develop a powerful, consistent swing.  In addition, Ernest Sports launch monitors work in tandem with a free mobile app to record and save stats, view club averages and much more.  Committed to providing an affordable solution to capturing accurate data, Ernest Sports launch monitors deliver instant feedback to increase the efficiency of your practice session to improve your game.