ES16 Tour FAQ’s

What data points are calculated and what are measured?

See our in-depth answer to this question HERE.


What if the red/green LED will not light up?

The device is not receiving power. Check your battery cable connection and make sure the battery is charged.


What do I do if the LED will not turn green?

Check the ball position and make sure the logo of the ball is facing towards the unit. If the problem persists, try using a ball with a different logo.


What should I do if the app is not receiving the shot data?

Check the Bluetooth settings in your operating system first, then check the connection in the app.


How do you set up the unit for left-handed golfers?

The ES16 is designed for both left and right-handed golfers. Mirror the setup so that downrange is to the right of the ES16.


The ES16 is not showing up in the Bluetooth settings for the computer or in the app. What should I do?

First make sure the ES16 is turned on and the Bluetooth on the computer is also on. If you answered “No” to the security prompt “Let Ernest Sports access your ES16”, your ES16 will be blacklisted by your computer. See the question and answer below for information on what to do if your unit was blacklisted.


What should I do if my ES16 was blacklisted in the Bluetooth settings?

Go to the Settings menu on your computer (it should be listed near the bottom of the start menu or can be found in the notifications center). Click on “Privacy” and choose “Other Devices”. Scroll down until you see ES16 and make sure that it is enabled.



ES15 Range FAQ’s


I don’t see the free ES15 app on my Apple device. Why?

The ES15 Range uses the free ES15 app on Android; however, it uses the free ES14 app on Apple devices.


Where should I place the ball in relation to the ES15 Range?

You will notice a ball marker on the ES15 Range unit. Use this marker to line up your ball, and place the ball approximately 14 inches away from the unit.

Can both right and left-handed golfers use the ES15 Range?

We have special-made ES15 Ranges for left-handed golfers. Out of every ten units purchased, we suggest getting one or two left-handed units.



ES14 Pro FAQ’s


I can’t find the free ES14 app in the app store when using my iPad. Why?

The free ES14 app is listed by Apple as an “iPhone only app” despite being equally compatible with iPhones or iPads. To find the app, click on “iPad only apps” in the top left corner of the app store. Select “iPhone only apps” from the dropdown. You will then see the appropriate app when you search for “ES14”.


How do I change the club or club loft from the free ES14 app?

In the main view of the ES14 app (also referred to as the “circle view”), click on the club display circle. This will give you a screen where you can select your club and club loft directly from the app. The ES14 Pro will automatically reflect this change from the app.


How does altitude impact distance? How important is it for me to have an accurate altitude if I want to have the most accurate shot data?

Carry distance is affected 1.1% for every 1,000 feet in altitude. Although it is important to have accurate altitude for the most accurate shot data, being off by a couple hundred feet will not greatly impact the shot data you receive.



ES12 Player FAQ’s

Where do I find the code to activate my ES12 Player?

The activation code can be found in two different places: on the Quick Start Manual included in the box and on the back casing of the ES12 Player.


How do I connect my ES12 Player to the free ES12 app?

Apple Users: Initial pairing (and after pairing reset) MUST be completed from your Apple Bluetooth settings. For future connections, press and hold the club button on the ES12 Player. You will notice “PRG” blinking on the ES12 Player display - once blinking ends, your ES12 will be connected.

Android Users: After initial pairing, your Android device will show “Paired but not connected”.  Once paired, your Android device will automatically connect to the ES12 as needed unless you reset the pairing on the ES12 or the Android device.


Why are some of my shots not reading?

If the shot is hit thin, it can send the ball under the radar area causing the device to miss the shot. Make sure your ball is positioned within the suggested area in relation to the ES12 Player device to minimize this occurrence.


What are the preprogrammed lofts for each club?


Club               Degrees

Drv                  10.5

3Wd                13

5Wd                16

Hyb                 19

2Ir                    17

3                      19

4                      22

5                      25

6                      29

7                      33

8                      37

9                      42

P                     46

G                     50

S                     55

L                      60


These are the preset lofts for the clubs, but not much changes if your clubs are a degree or two off of these angles. Because of the lift generated by the dimpled spinning golf ball, the ball stays airborne much longer than a normal projectile given the same initial velocity and launch angle. Therefore, the launch angle is not as critical as with a normal projectile. For this reason, we are able to assume a reasonable launch angle and be accurate with our distance calculation. On a poor hit, the launch angle will be much different than we assume, and the device will be less accurate. Those shots are generally disregarded anyway as golfers do not want to know how far they mishit the ball.


Can the ES12 give my distance data in meters?

Yes, you can program your ES12 Player and smartphone to measure in yards or meters.


Where can I find the ES12 user manual?

The user manual can be found on the ES12 Player product page of our website.


Can the ES12 be used indoors and outdoors?

The ES12 is portable, lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Does the ES12 run continuously or does it have a hibernate mode?

If the ES12 remains idle for 8 minutes, it will automatically power off. Your data will be stored and saved on your smartphone application.


Do you have to use an ear piece to hear audible feedback?

The ES12 does not require an ear piece. The instant audible feedback can be heard through a Bluetooth ear piece (A2DP), ear buds and/or your device’s speakers.