Improve your game and play all over the world.

Ernest Sports, the leader in affordable, accurate launch monitors, is pleased to release the next crown jewel of Golf launch monitors. With more precision, enhanced doppler technology, and an onboard LCD display this launch monitor is fully functional for both indoor and outdoor simulation. Get in-depth shot statistics with the ES Golf App or play full golf simulation.

Ball Data

Carry Distance, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Ball Speed, Lateral Carry Distance,

Lateral Total Distance, Launch Angle, Launch Direction Angle, Spin Rate, Spin Axis,

Maximum Height, Hang Time, Shot Dispersion, Landing Angle

Club Data

Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Angle of Attack, Spin Loft,

Face Angle, Club Path, Dynamic Loft, Face to Path

Full Simulation

Gameplay with putting



You Spoke, We Listened

The ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor is the best monitor for players, teachers and club fitters, period. You spoke, we listened, and then we developed a much more affordable solution that suits your specific needs! Directly measured data with better technology provides you with the ultimate in game improvement!

The ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor will work inside or outside.

You can use the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor off grass or mats. Full data anywhere, that you can rely on, easy to use and highly portable with a 6-8-hour rechargeable battery on board. The built-in displays allow you to enjoy seeing data without connecting to a device any time you feel like it! There is minimal space needed with the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision.....if you have enough room to swing, the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision works!


Oh, the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor has another advantage over the competition..... there are no mandatory annual support fees! That compares nicely to our competitors that charge $2000 or so, on an annual basis.

We think the choice is clear and hope that you see the same result. The ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor will sell for $10,500 (soon to be $12,500).



The app was a big hit at the PGA Show as professionals loved the ease of use and comparison abilities. You can compare shafts, clubs, balls or anything you like with the app.

The ES 20/20 Perfect Vision connects to the free award-winning Ernest Sports app to provide additional shot data and a course view. It allows the user to select their distance to the pin and see live ball flight while additional graphs show ball flight from an aerial and lateral perspective. Analyze your range session by viewing club averages, shot dispersion, shot shape and individual shot statistics. Save your range session by the user to keep your data separate from your friends, and watch your game improve over time.

Watch the video and learn how easy our ES Golf App works from our Vice President and PGA Member Jim Arendt. 

In-Depth Shot Analysis

Understand your golf game with data point averages, shot shape graphics and dispersion charts by club.



Operating Systems

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Cutting Edge Technology

Doppler Radar & Camera Hybrid Technologies

  • High Definition, Ultra-High Speed Cameras
  • Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms
  • Premium Quality Optics with Enhanced Light Filtration
  • Accelerated Processing Power
  • On Board LCD Display
  • Epic, 8 - Hour Battery Life on a Single Charge
  • Designed with an FPGA Processor

With even more precision, enhanced doppler technology, and an onboard LCD display this launch monitor is a flawless teaching and learning tool. The unit has easy to use design that includes upgraded cameras which captures detailed images creating more accurate data for club fitting and game improvement.

Improve your game and play all over the world.

Indoor Simulation and Gameplay

Simulation and game improvement are easy with the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor. You will enjoy real ball flight with the best value in golf technology! Play the courses you always wanted to visit but remains unchecked so far!

Order Your Ernest Sports Portal Launch Monitor

THE ES 20/20 IS A GREAT VALUE PLAY. The ES 20/20 combines cutting-edge Doppler radar and high-speed camera technologies. Designed with an FPGA processor.

ES 2020 Perfect Vision includes:

  • Customer Support
  • FREE App Windows 10, iOS ( iPad Only)
  • User Manual

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