The ES12 Player Golf Launch Monitor offers you the perfect feedback necessary for you to start improving your golf game immediately. Can’t afford your own Caddy? The ES12 Player Golf Launch Monitor has a course caddy feature that allows you to input the distance and make a club recommendation based on your personal performance with every club.

For the average golfer, the ES12 Player is perfect for your simple shot data metric reading. This model is very affordable and comes in a lightweight, pocket-sized 3.85″ x 6.6″.

The ES14 Golf launch monitor will raise your game to the next level by giving you access to the technology the pros are using. The ES14 gives you the power to see every aspect of your game with a wide range of statistical information including club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate & distance.

If you are looking for a more complete set of shot data as well as enhanced accuracy while maintaining affordability, then the ES14 Pro Golf Launch monitor is perfect for you.

Ever wanted to go play or practice your game but bad weather conditions got in your way? Now you can play and practice indoors in the comfort of your home all year long. The ES16 Tour launch monitor and golf simulator brings you the cutting edge technology that has never been seen before.

If you want to practice and play at your highest potential, then the ES16 Tour launch monitor is your launch monitor. This model is well worth the investment with pinpoint accuracy as well as every shot data metric known to man.

Our newest launch monitor is the affordable high-end performing ES2020 Perfect Vision. A great value play in a high-end category. No annual membership fees. The ES20/20 combines cutting-edge Doppler and camera and lenses technologies. Designed with FPGA protocol, theES20/20’s processing speed will be instantaneous.


Take your launch monitor experience beyond the practice range and enhance it with simulation. Increase the length of your season. Play a full 18-hole round of golf from the world’s top golf courses in the comfort of your own home.