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Why do golfers need a launch monitor?


A launch monitor provides vital information about your golf game.  By  knowing every aspect of you swing and ball flight thru club speed, ball speed, distance, smash factor, spin rate and launch angle, you can analyze your numbers and improve your golf swing.


By receiving INSTANT and audible  feedback, every level of player can receive his or her stats from our PORTABLE launch monitor for every club hit anywhere: indoors, outdoors, into a net, on the range, or on the course.


Ernest Sports uses the latest radar technology to immediately learn critical numbers to help you develop a powerful, consistent swing.


Tested extensively among the highest-end devices, Ernest Sports portable launch monitors work in tandem with a free mobile app to provide and record stats such as ball distance and speed, club head speed, smash factor, launch angle, and spin rate.


Best of all, Ernest Sports' engineers have achieved their most important mission:  to provide an extremely accurate launch monitor at the lowest price on the market.  Now every golfer can afford to train like a Pro.



"We love the es 14 and our members at our academy are very impressed with your product."

"I am currently playing on the mini tours...I purchased the ES12 a few years ago and absolutely love it!"


"We got our ES 14 and think it is great! I have recommended the product to several of our members and also mentioned it at a Wisconsin PGA meeting last week to my fellow PGA professionals."


What Golfers are saying about Ernest Sports Launch Monitors

-Player Testimonials

Ernest Sports Launch Monitors


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Launch Monitors


See what my customers say ... Testimonials

Spot on distance readings


Have access to a Foresight launch monitor, the ES14 readings were within 2 yards and the ES14 cost about $14,000 less. Amazing !




The ES12 is fantastic! I took it to the range the first day I got it and not only did I really have fun but everyone around me was amazed at what it can do. This is the first product that will accurately determine how far I really hit my clubs. No guessing any more like when you're at the driving range looking at the targets.

 Grant Krueger - Amateur golfer

Game Changer!


Easy to set up, ready to go in seconds. Great tool for all golfers looking to increase distances/smash factor. Any golfers looking to reduce their handicap. The ES14 will track your average carry distances and most importantly your launch angles and smash factor.  Compare to similar product out there that cost $10,000 to $20,000, this is a must buy. Instead of spending $400 to $1,200 on the next set of irons or driver that promise 10-15 yard gain...buy ES14.


Don't waste your hard earned money on a new set of clubs, invest in a tool that will help you improve in the long run. Again, this is a must buy!  Don't spend another year buying new gears or a quick fix swing device.

Best for the Money!


The ES12 Doppler Radar golf ball speed tool and the iPhone App are an outstanding practice advantage! The equipment and the app are extremely easy to set up and use. Bluetooth pairing with my iPhone was a breeze. The ES12 test specs are impressive and confirmed w/ my own Bushnell Z6 tour. The app offers a wide array of training features as well as the club selection option for use while playing. For the money, the ES12 is the best ball speed/distance monitor on the market!!



Statistics to improve

any golfer's game.


Explore the next level in Launch Monitor technology. Enhance the teaching experience with breakthrough technology.

Club Test / Review


The Session Review screen provides the

fitter with a side-by-side comparison of the

shot data of up to six different club test.

On screen navigation allows the fitter to

save, edit, view graphs, or email the

session to the customer.


Data. Side-by-side comparisons

ES12 Classic Launch Monitor


The ES12 Classic is an incredibly accurate portable launch monitor


that provides for an enjoyable and informative golf experience.


Combined with the Ernest Sports app, the ES12 is great for golfers


of all levels of expertise.

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