Accurate and Affordable Launch Monitors


When we released the ES12 Player, the portable launch monitor immediately began to lower golfers’ handicaps. Our launch monitors are an affordable yet extremely accurate and an effective tool that will help you perfect your swing.

ES 12 Player

After being introduced to the golf community in 2012, the ES12 Player was awarded the Best New Product of the Year at the 2012 PGA Show in Orlando, FL.

ES 14 Pro

The ES14 Pro has taken the golf and tech world by storm. The ES14 kept and enhanced all of the amazing features of the ES12 while bringing in so many amazing new features.

ES 15 Range

The ES15 Range is the ultimate range setup for any training professional in the convenient form of a sleek bay divider. Enhance the driving range experience with the latest technology.

ES 16 Tour

The ES16 Tour is primarily for indoor use. For under $4,000 the ES16 Tour launch monitor gives you full data for indoor game improvement and golf simulation!

ES 20/20 Perfect Vision

Our newest launch monitor is the affordable high end performing ES2020 Perfect Vision. A great value play in a high-end category. No annual membership fees. With more precision, enhanced doppler technology, and an onboard LCD display this launch monitor is fully functional for both indoor and outdoor simulation. Get in-depth shot statistics with the ES Golf App or play full golf simulation.

Individual Golfers

help you perfect your swing

We carry a high-performance line of golf launch monitors designed to custom fit your practice needs. For the individual golfer, our affordable launch monitors are perfect for your simple shot data metric reading as well as looking for a more complete set of shot data.

PGA/Club Professionals, Coaches, Teachers, and Club Fitters

practice and Play at your highest potential

Our affordable launch monitors are used by PGA Professionals, Teachers, Coaches and perhaps more importantly, clubfitters. One PGA professional summed it up nicely by saying, “Affordable, accurate and helps improve your golf game."

Golf Simulation

Increase the length of your season

Now you can have the ability to play a full 18-hole round of golf in the comfort of your own home. Ernest Sports provides superior golf simulation products designed to work together to deliver a premium golf simulation experience.

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